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Synchrotech PRO SERIES B-Series MASTER Rebuild Kit

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Synchrotech Master Rebuild Carbon Synchro Kit
Part Number: GDSYN11X-B18MRK
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Features: Improve shifting response with the MFactory R&D (Synchrotech®) Carbon-Composite Synchros.
Utilizing a carbon-carbon lining technology initially developed for the Aerospace Industry which acts
as braking material during gear engagement, this allows for quicker and more precise shifting and prolongs
the life of your gear set.

Unlike our competition, we DO NOT use a spray coating (which wears out quickly) nor a carbon fiber weave
The same stuff used on your Carbon Hood which was not designed for friction!
Carbon Composite Lining Stronger Brass Body Improved Lock Angle More Surface Contact Stronger Bonding Improved Oiling

Synchrotech Hardened Sleeves 1-2, 3-4 and 5-R
Synchrotech Carbon Synchro Set 1-5
Synchrotech Springs 1-5
NTN Shaft Bearings (4)
Bearing clip
Replacement Axle Seals
Input seal and shift rod seal (if applicable)

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