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SpeedFactory Racing K-Series Drag Spec Shifter Spring Kit

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SpeedFactory K-Series Detent Spring Kit
Part Number: GDSF-K20A-DRS005
Availability: In Stock.
SpeedFactory Racing understands the frustration of the common 2-3-2 and dreaded 1-2-1 K-Series transmission mis-shifts, and we have the solution.

The SpeedFactory Racing K-Series Drag Spec Shifter Spring Kit is the strongest available (over 200% stronger than OEM springs) and gives your shifter a firm, positive feel and returns the shifter to the center position with authority which improves shift accuracy and speed while rowing through the gears.

This kit will help improve shifting on all K-Series transmissions, from stock transmissions to dogbox racing applications- especially the 2-3 shift. Just push the shifter forward, and it will automatically drop into the 3rd gear position.

Installation is very simple and can be done with the transmission in the car. Simply remove the shift mechanism from the top of the transmission (one hex head interlock bolt and four 10mm bolts), remove the shift piece and interlock assembly (retained with a single 12mm bolt), and remove the factory springs and replace them with your new springs. Reassemble and re-install the shift mechanism.

Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

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