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SpeedFactory Racing FWD2AWD B-Series Gear Conversion Kit

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SpeedFactory Racing FWD2AWD B-Series Gear Conversion Kit
Part Number: GDSF-BAWD-SFK
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SpeedFactory Racing FWD2AWD B-Series Gear Conversion Kit has been created to provide you with the parts and modifications needed to easily retrofit
a stock layout FWD B-Series gear set into your B AWD transmission with NO MACHINE WORK required!

PLEASE NOTE: You must send in your current AWD B-Series 1-2 Shift Fork for modification

Detailed instructions are included, and we recommend checking out Speedfactory's FWD2AWD YouTube Video for an in-depth install with component explanations.

Why would you want to do this?

BSeries AWD factory ratios were designed for a heavy SUV with a low 6.3k-6.7k rpm rev limit and feature a super short 1st gear which does not work well with high revving high performance applications and creates major shifting difficulties due to the huge ratio spread on the 1/2 shift.

The stock B AWD 1/2 shift forks are very thin and weak, often bending even in stock transmissions and are too thin for use with a FWD 1/2 slider.

BSeries AWD specific gear set options are very limited and retrofitting other oem gears used to require tedious machine work and custom spacer machining.

This kit now eliminates any need for machine work and opens your ratio options up to use almost any existing B-Series FWD gear set

(either synchro or dog engagement that uses a factory style layout) and at the same time fixes the weak 1/2 shift fork issue by replacing it with a new

much thicker and stronger billet fork!

Included Components/Services:

1. Billet SFR 1/2 Shift Fork Conversion Service (Requires customer-supplied B-Series AWD 1/2 shift fork core to be sent to us) - Our hardened & shot peened

billet steel retrofit upgrade is super strong and has the proper fork pad thickness to work with a FWD 1/2 slider.

2. Custom SFR 1st Idler Gear Split Needle Bearing - Previously if you wanted to attempt this conversion you had to machine the ID of the 1st gear

larger or machine the countershaft journal height larger. With this custom bearing no machining is necessary!

3. Custom SFR Precision Spacers – Needed to achieve proper component locations

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