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SpeedFactory Heavy Duty K-Series Shift Selector

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Your Price: $249.00
SpeedFactory K-Series Shift Selector
Part Number: GDSF-K20A-S005
Availability: In Stock.
The new SpeedFactory K-Series Shift Selector is the long awaited solution to the weak cast factory piece.  K-Series racers worldwide have had to deal with this piece breaking for years, often costing them a race and transmission damage.  

SpeedFactory has analyzed the failure points and re-engineered this part for racing use - precision machined from high strength tool steel, treated with our proven heat treat process and strengthened in all the right areas, this is a key component for a reliable K-Series transmission.

Installation is very simple and can be done with the transmission in the car. Simply remove the shift mechanism from the top of the transmission (one hex head interlock bolt and four 10mm bolts) , replace the factory piece which is retained with a single 12mm bolt, and re-install the shift mechanism. 

One year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

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