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MFactory Metal Plate LSD Honda Civic B16A

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MFactory Metal Plate LSD B16A
Part Number: GDMF-B16A-MP
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MFactory metal plate LSD Fitting:
Honda Civic 1992-2000 B16A B16B
Smooth and constant distribution of power to the wheels
MFactory Metal Plate LSD puts the power-to-the-ground and maximises your vehicle's traction where conventional Torsen LSD's fail.
Available in 1.0 way (Acceleration Only), 1.5 way (Acceleration/Deceleration) and 2.0 way (Acceleration/Deceleration).

MFactory Lifetime, Globally Transferable Warranty
Whether used on the Street, Strip or Track ... Think! MFactory
No-Hassle,  Just works!

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