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K-Tuned 90mm Throttle Body Acura RSX

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K-Tuned 90mm K-Series Throttle Body
Part Number: GDKT-90MMK
Availability: In Stock.
K-Tuned 90mm Throttle Body is for K-Series specific application which includes a flange location to connect the factory K-Series Idle Air Control Valve (IACV). The IACV is computer activated sensor which creates a controlled vacuum leak to help maintain a stable target idle.
When properly connected, Hondata K-Pro and other K-Series programmable ecus will allow the tuner to enter a target rpm that the computer will reference. This unit still kept the bolt pattern from the 86-93 Ford Mustang 5.0L so the this throttle body will bolt up perfectly to some of the bigger aftermarket intake manifolds.
K-Tuned 90mm K-Series TB comes standard with 3.5" hose barb inlet and is also available in 3.75" and 4" sizes and can be purchased separately.
Unit also have optional V-band or Vanjen (Wiggins style) inlets available separately in both 3.5" or 4" sizes.
All of these inlets are interchangeable, so they bolt on easily and eliminate the need for any welding.
Ktuned throttle body and inlet are o-ring sealed
There is no need for any gaskets
OEM K-Series MAP sensor and IACV are both a direct bolt on
Ports located on the bottom of the TB
Please note that the 5V signal range of both TPS sensors is identical
So this option offers even more choice on the final intake setup.
K-Tuned throttle cable connection is made using a fully adjustable throttle rotor
Unit has 10 settings and a reversible throttle cable bracket.
This bracket allows the user to run the cable on top like the OEM setup or tucked on the bottom.
All K-Tuned Throttle Bodies are constructed with 6061 billet aluminum
Brass throttle blade and a stainless steel, center-less ground, throttle shaft that is leak tested to 90psi.
They are also 100% North American made as are all the raw materials.

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