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Gear-X Final Drive 4.928 Honda B-Series Integra B18C

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GearX 4.928FD B18C
Part Number: GDGX-B4.928FD-B18C
Availability: In Stock.
Gear-X Final Drive units for the B-series engine meet or exceed OEM specifications and are fully tested in house, both in workshop and out on the track before being released for general sale.

Gear-X has been evaluating these final drive kits in various B-series transmissions and engine configurations for most of 2008 and are ready to offer them to customers a superb product.

Gear-X has been able to offer a wide spectrum of ratios to suit either street/track, roadrace, autocross, dragrace and rally use.
The most popular ratio is the 4.928, which is spectacular when used with the B-series close-ratio gearset.
It also works very well with the factory gearset.

The 4.06 is more for turbo applications.

Choose your poison!

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