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Exedy Clutch Honda Civic SI Stage 1 B16A B16B 08800B

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Exedy Clutch Honda Civic SI #08800B
Part Number: GDEXE-08800B-2
Availability: In Stock.
Exedy, formerly known as Daikin Clutch USA, creates top of the line replacement clutches for many popular cars and trucks. 
These brand new OEM replacement clutches are designed to be a direct replacement for stock and have the same pedal feel and engagement characteristics as stock.
Don't trust no name clutch companies with your car.  Exedy is a Tier 1 suppoier to 11 Japanese manufactures along with Ford and GM.
This means Exedy supplies factory clutches to many cars direct from the dealer showroom floor. 
Highly recommended replacement clutch.

Exedy OEM Replacement Clutches Feature:
NVR (Noise & Vibration Reduction) Technology for a smooth and quiet ride
Made from OEM materials and OEM specs
Quiet Pre-Damper Mechanism reduces gear noise while the engine idles
WAD (Wide Angle Damper) design enables the clutch disc to hold slighly more torque than stock with less force
Super low wear diaphram spring that's heat treated for long clutch life

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