1. CRV AWD Graf K-Series Manual Transmission 2002-2004 1000HP

CRV AWD Graf K-Series Manual Transmission 2002-2004 1000HP

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CRV AWD Graf 1000HP
Part Number: GD1000-CRVAWD-GF
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Item Description
Honda K-series completely disassembled, inspected and reassembled
Replacement of all worn or damaged sleeves, hubs, gears, bearings, forks, seals etc replaced
Dry inside, except for lubrication used during reassemble process
Add transmission fluid upon installation and before engine startup ...MUST!
All internals 100% working condition .. Brand New if replaced!
Genuine Honda OEM replacement parts
Note: This Build is .. Proven 1000HP no issues!
Note: Select from list to customize build Street/Track 1000HP
Graf Helical Gear Set 1st - 4th 2.58 / 1.67 / 1.11 / 0.90
OEM Honda 5th (Optional add 6th)
OEM 4.7FD Standard.. Optional: Gear-X 4.40 or 4.058 if needed ** cost extra
Synchrotech Brass Synchro Set 1st - 5th
Synchrotech Hardened Sleeves 1st - 4th .. Optional: 5th if needed ** cost extra
LSD Options: AWD Wavetrac or Quife Helical LSD
Custom build to order ... please allow 14-21 business days for delivery

Product Warranty
Product intended for normal usage and driving conditions ... Read Below!
Drag racing, street racing and road racing etc. is at buyers discretion
90 Day Startup & Drive warranty ..
Product warranty covers faulty workmanship and manufacture defects
Note: Initial test drive issues must be addressed immediately!
Please contact via email or ph: 954.681.8394

Transmission Core
Transmission core is not required to be send in for this purchase
This is a complete ready to install unit .. bolt and GO!

Terms of Purchase
International customers .. please contact me for cost of freight
Packaged 20x20x20, 115lbs
Shipped via FedEx Ground
Shipping cost includes Insurance via FedEx
Insured value is for complete purchase excluding shipping cost

Product Inspection Disclosure
This is a notice to all customers and must be read in its entirety before proceeding to install transmission.
At Gear Driven, proper measures are taken to ensure transmissions arrive safely and customers are satisfied with their purchase However, there are instances where packages become damaged during shipping and may sometimes affect the condition of transmission.

Please take time to review these guidelines of product delivery

Inspection Overview
Make a visual inspection of the package to ensure there are no rips or tear on box
Take detailed photos of any noticeable damage to exterior of package
Remove product from packaging and do a detailed inspection
Document any noticeable damages found to transmission and take detailed photos
If any damage is noticed please contact us ASAP!
DO NOT attempt to remedy any damages found
Call or text 954.681.8394

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