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Albins Honda K-Series Synchro Engagement Helical Gear Set AWD/FWD (TURBO)

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PPG Gear Set Honda K20A Synchro
Part Number: GDALB-K20ASYN-2
Availability: In Stock.
Albins Performance Transmissions is the largest high performance gears manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere. They specialize in engineering and production of driveline components for extreme duty applications.

The factory K Series transmissions are well known for gear failures when used in turbo applications. This gearset addresses that need as the ultimate solution! Unique design features includes replaceable dog rings for 1-4 gears and helical cut for quiet operation. 1st gear only is straight cut in this set to meet design parameters.

Important Note: This set utilizes the oem 5spd single cone type synchros & slider on 3rd/4th gears for both ratio options. If you are installing this set in a 6spd box, you will need to use Honda PN# 23444-PPT-315 (which includes new synchros, spring rings, slider, & hub) to convert the 3rd/4th synchros & slider to the 5spd type!

*Manufactured to ISO 9001/2000 quality standards.
*Billet high-alloy proprietary grade steel.
*CAD engineered custom tooth profiles.
*Robotic CMM scanned for tooth profile perfection.
*Manufactured as a direct-fitment replacement for standard units.
*Anti-fatigue shot peening treatment as standard on all components
*This gearset can be used as a 1st/2nd only or 3rd/4th only set as well.

All international orders must pay by wire transfer, no exceptions.

Available 1st-4th gear ratios:
2.93 / 1.70 / 1.19 / 0.93 (5spd type ratios) TURBO

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