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Action Clutch ACR Chromoly Lightweight Flywheel 9.5LBS B SERIES

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Action Clutch Flywheel Integra B18C Civic B16A
Part Number: GDAC100FW
Availability: In Stock.
ACTION Lightweight Flywheels have three major benefits: low weight, low inertia and high thermal capacity. They are specifically made for light to high tuned racing cars that see drag racing, autocross, street use, and rally events. They are made from a durable one-piece billet chromoly steel or chromoly steel forgings. Action specifically designed this flywheel for reduce in weight and inertia for better engine response. We have tested our lightweight flywheels and they have passed engineering tests up to 15,000-18,000 RPM. They are made to not to fail to the provided RPM's. With a heat-treated friction are and integrated ring gear, Chromoly Flywheels are an excellent choice for any performance build.

What is Chromoly?

Chromoly is an abbreviation for “chromium-molybdenum steel” due to it’s property of incorporating alloy elements chromium and molybdenum. With the combination of materials, Chromoly has an outstanding strength to weight ratio and is stronger and harder than standard 1020 steel or other aluminum flywheels on the market.

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